Our Build Process

We really appreciate your interest in Homestead Tiny House, Co.!  Our main goal is to provide an easy, memorable and enjoyable experience when purchasing a tiny home.

Below is an outline of steps we'll take together.


No matter which way we got connected with each other, we're happy you landed here! During the introduction time, our sales team will ask questions, answer questions and gather as much information as we can to provide you with the best possible experience.

In this stage, we will:

  • Get to know each other

  • Ask questions

  • Answer questions

Let's Agree to Agree

After the introduction and information gathering stage, this is where you choose model, size, options and we agree on the purchase price. Our sales associate assigned to you will prepare a Sales Agreement. This agreement spells out exactly what both parties responsibilities will include.  This is also where you decide if you want the unit delivered or picked up at our facility.


After everything looks good on the Sales Agreement, your signature will be required to move forward in the process.

In this stage, we will:

  • Choose:

    • model​

    • size

    • additional options

    • delivery or pickup

  • Review and sign Sales Agreement

Time To Get Started!

Now that we've got all the boring stuff out of the way, it's time to get started!

Below is a list of steps we'll take at specific times of your project:

Step 1:

Payment of initial deposit

​This will get the ball rolling on your project. After this, you will move on to the Design Consultation.

Step 2:

Initial Design Consultation

You will be in good hands with our design team​​. This is when you choose upgrades, additional options, colors, hardware, flooring, etc....all the things that make your house unique to you!

Step 3:

Internal Design Review

The design team will meet with our production and procurement teams to make sure everything you've chosen will work in your tiny house. This step is usually completed between 5-10 working days.

Step 4:

Final Design Review

After the teams have reviewed your choices, our design team will go over everything with you and set expectations for the rest of the project. If there are any option changes and/or price differences from the original Sales Agreement, a Change Order will be issued if necessary. 

Step 5:

Sign-Off on Design

After the design options have been agreed upon, your sign-off is required to move forward. This is also when payments of Change Orders are made. This personalization of your tiny home is something we at Homestead Tiny House take pride in. Keep in mind, in order to reduce build time and keep your costs down, we request that no changes be made after the design contract is signed.

Step 6:

The Build

Now that everything has been decided, it's time to start the build! You will receive email updates when each of the 3 inspections are complete. These inspections are made by NOAH (National Organization for Alternative Housing) and will inspect each house at 3 different build stages:

  1. Trailer, framing and electrical/plumbing rough-in

  2. Insulation

  3. Final Inspection

You will be sent an email at the start of your project as well as images at every major interval of the build.  During the Final Inspection stage, we will send you information for insurance purposes. Most providers require the VIN, photos, square footage, and build type. Please let us know if there are any additional requirements from your insurance provider. 

Step 7:

Final Payment

After the Final Inspection is complete, final payment will be necessary to begin taking ownership of your tiny house. Final Payment must be made by certified check or wire transfers. Please refer to your Sales Agreement regarding late payment fees, late deliveries, and storage fees.

Step 8:

Schedule Delivery or Pickup

Final payment must be received in order to start scheduling your delivery or pickup. When we're all squared up, our customer service team will coordinate delivery or pickup. If you are having your house delivered, Homestead is not responsible for setting up the tiny house. The driver is only responsible to delivering the house to the address agreed upon in the Sales Agreement. It is at their sole discretion to proceed any further than previously agreed upon.